Crowthorne Chess Club holds two regular annual tournaments: the Christmas Handicap and the Khyber Cup.

In the Christmas Handicap each game lasts 15 minutes in total but the time apportioned to each player is caclulated based on the difference of their grades. Thus equally rated players get 7:30 minutes each, and if there is a difference of (for example) 30 ECF points the higher rated player gets 3 minutes and the lower rated player gets 12. The winner of the tournament is awarded the Harvey-Ironside Speed Handicap Shield for a year.

The Khyber Cup is a rapidplay tournament held on a summer’s day, and the winner is awarded the John Purkis shield(!) for a year.

Harvey-Ironside Shield (Christmas Handicap)
Year Winner Runner Up
1988 J Purkis C Callow
1989 R Webb M Saunders
1990 R Webb P Gillham
1991 S Freitag J Boreham
1992 R Webb G Ironside
1993 R Webb P Gillham
1994 J Ramsdale D Cummings
1995 N Coates K Coates
1996 R Webb P Ash
1997 R Webb A Coates
1998 J Welton P Larwood
1999 N Coates R Pigeon
2000 G Ironside J Welton
2001 C Fell R Webb
2002 A Coates S Dishman
2003 N Coates D Stallan
2004 P Larwood I Thompson
2005 S Gane R Turner
2006 R Webb J Welton
2007 J Welton J Upham
2008 R Webb A Strait
2009 R Webb I Murray
2010 I Thompson R Turner
2011 Alfred Wong I Murray
2012 David Hemmings Robert Starley
2013 Robert Starley Louise Head
2014 David Herring Anthony Zhang
2015 Colin Purdon Louise Head
2016 James Love Colin Purdon
2017 Ian Thompson James New
2018 Richard Webb Scott Leadbetter
2019 Bob Pigeon Andy Pollock
John Purkis Shield (Khyber Cup)
Year Winner
1984 R Webb
1985 R Webb
1986 R Webb
1987 R Webb
1988 R Webb
1989 R Webb & R Pigeon
1990 R Webb
1991 R Webb & K Norman
1992 R Webb
1993 K Norman
1994 A Aslett
1995 R Abayasekara
1996 Event not held
1997 Event not held
1998 I Thompson
1999 K Norman
2000 R de Laubadere
2001 R Webb
2002 S Dishman
2003 R Webb
2004 K Norman
2005 P Tart
2006 R Webb
2007 K Coates
2008 R Webb
2009 R Webb & C Purdon
2010 R Webb & D Johnson
2011 R Webb
2012 K Coates
2013 A Marley
2014 R Webb
2015 C Purdon
2016 K Coates
2017 K Coates
2018 R Webb & C Purdon
2019 R Webb