Online meeting Wednesday (July 1st)

We will be having our usual Zoom meeting this Wednesday.

It’s a “bring and show” week again this week. Bring a game, position, puzzle or study of interest to show and/or watch other people’s items. Seems to work – we’ve not run out of material so far.

From the Crowthorne Vaults – Part 13

In the following position, taken from a 2018 Surrey Border League game played by Mark against Helen Frostick, White has a not-so-obvious way of removing one of Black’s key defenders.

Can you find White’s forced win?

From the Crowthorne Vaults – Part 12

In this position, from a Berkshire League match played in 2016, White has sacrificed a piece for this attacking position, and there is now only one move to win. Can you find it?