Online 4NCL Round 5

Crowthorne Chess Club had another good round in the online 4NCL yesterday, with the first team just winning their match against St Albans 2, and the second team drawing against RCSI Team 2:

(Derek’s opponent was actually C. Pines due to a late change)

This leaves the first team in second place (1st equal on match points, 2nd on game points) in their group in Division 4, and the second team mid-table in Division 7.

Full results and tables for all rounds are available on the 4NCL web site

Correction: As there was, unfortunately, a default by Crowthorne 2’s opponents, the match is scored 2-1.5 in Crowthorne’s favour, and counts as a win.

Online 4NCL Round 4

Good results for both Crowthorne teams yesterday (9th March), both winning 4-0. Well done everybody!

As can be seen Crowthorne 1 substantially out-rated their opponents. It’s obviously still a good result, which puts us equal first in our group in division 4.

Crowthorne 2’s match was much closer on rating, and the result was the first win of the season.

Full results and tables etc can be found on the 4NCL website (see divisions 4 and 7 for the Crowthorne teams).

Online 4NCL Round 3

A good result for our 1st team. Unfortunately Derek’s opponent didn’t turn up, so the match is actually scored -0.5 – 4.0 in Crowthorne’s favour.

After three rounds, this leaves Crowthorne 1 on 4 match points out of a possible 6 in their eight-team group in Division 4. This puts us in equal second but with four rounds to go it is obviously early days yet.

Our 2nd team lost, but Dylan won and Teah managed an amazing stalemate!!

Final position of J Leake – Teah de Silva. Black to move!

Full results and tables can be found on the 4NCL web site.

Online 4NCL Round 2

On Tuesday Crowthorne 1 won their 4NCL match against Harrow 3:

This leaves them in fifth place, out of eight, in their pool in division 4.

In Division 7, Crowthorne 2 narrowly lost their match against KJCS 2:

Full match results and tables can be found on the 4NCL web site.

February on-line blitz tournament

Congratulations to Mark Taylor for winning the club’s February tournament, which was played yesterday as part of the usual club meeting.

The tournament was played in the Arena format on, where players are automatically paired against an opponent as soon as they have finished a game.

The medal positions were:

1st Mark Taylor with 6 points (six straight wins!)
2nd Harvey Duckers with 4.5 points
3rd Colin Purdon with 3.5 points

On-line Club Tournament this Wednesday

On this Wednesday’s club night we will have a mini tournament using a relatively fast time control. We will default to use 5m+5s, unless there is a clear preference for something else. We’ll be using instead of our usual lichess, for the benefit of those who prefer

Other than that, there will be time enough for chat, and post-match analysis of games worthy of analysis.

8pm on Wednesday – your chance to be the club’s February champion 😉

Christmas Handicap

Jonathan Welton organised this year’s Christmas Handicap, which was played yesterday (Wednesday 6th) and he has provided the following report:

The first online Christmas Time Handicap was expected to be a chaotic affair, and it exceeded expectations.  We had a generous 16 players, a good mix of adult and juniors, all briefed with the knowledge of how to adjust timers on lichess to match the speed handicaps. But, unfortunately, when we started to play we found that lichess doesn’t allow timers to be adjusted within the confines of a swiss tournament. This caused me to despair we would be unable to continue, but the players took the initiative, abandoned the swiss format, and simply challenged one another to pair-wise games, which could be adjusted to the speed handicap time distribution, and this proceeded successfully for most people. It certainly proved to be an entertaining event.

The evening’s winner by a considerable margin was Arjit Das, playing off an official ECF rapid grade, who won 13 games, including a run of 9 consecutive wins, and losing only one game. Well done Arjit!

Second place on a points basis was Anrudh (7 points), followed closely by Louise and Harvey on 6.5

Second place on a percentage score basis was Louise, (73%) followed very closely by Daniel (72%).

Thank you all for playing and making the night a very memorable, and possibly unique, one in the club’s history. Hopefully next year we can all look forward to being back to a face-to-face Christmas handicap.

British On-line Chess Champion (Over 65)

The British Chess Championships had to go on-line this year due to the Covid pandemonium. One of our members entered the Over 65 section, which comprised 7 rounds over 10 days (with a 3 day gap for Christmas).Here is the final crosstable:

Here is George’s game from the final round. A draw would have sufficed to guarantee first place, so a boring, safe game was the target.

Hardly the intended boring, safe game!

Congratulations to George for winning the title!