Christmas Handicap

Jonathan Welton organised this year’s Christmas Handicap, which was played yesterday (Wednesday 6th) and he has provided the following report:

The first online Christmas Time Handicap was expected to be a chaotic affair, and it exceeded expectations.  We had a generous 16 players, a good mix of adult and juniors, all briefed with the knowledge of how to adjust timers on lichess to match the speed handicaps. But, unfortunately, when we started to play we found that lichess doesn’t allow timers to be adjusted within the confines of a swiss tournament. This caused me to despair we would be unable to continue, but the players took the initiative, abandoned the swiss format, and simply challenged one another to pair-wise games, which could be adjusted to the speed handicap time distribution, and this proceeded successfully for most people. It certainly proved to be an entertaining event.

The evening’s winner by a considerable margin was Arjit Das, playing off an official ECF rapid grade, who won 13 games, including a run of 9 consecutive wins, and losing only one game. Well done Arjit!

Second place on a points basis was Anrudh (7 points), followed closely by Louise and Harvey on 6.5

Second place on a percentage score basis was Louise, (73%) followed very closely by Daniel (72%).

Thank you all for playing and making the night a very memorable, and possibly unique, one in the club’s history. Hopefully next year we can all look forward to being back to a face-to-face Christmas handicap.

British On-line Chess Champion (Over 65)

The British Chess Championships had to go on-line this year due to the Covid pandemonium. One of our members entered the Over 65 section, which comprised 7 rounds over 10 days (with a 3 day gap for Christmas).Here is the final crosstable:

Here is George’s game from the final round. A draw would have sufficed to guarantee first place, so a boring, safe game was the target.

Hardly the intended boring, safe game!

Congratulations to George for winning the title!

4NCL on-line season 2 summary

Many thanks to George Green, Crowthorne Chess CLub’s 4NCL on-line captain, for providing this summary.

4NCL OTB has been going for over 25 years, which has given all of the teams time to find their way into the correct divisions for their strength. But this was only the 2nd season of 4NCL on-line. Furthermore there has been a huge influx of new teams, so these are still finding their correct division.

This was Crowthorne CC’s first foray into on-line chess. Our 2 teams were placed in Divisions 5 and 6 (the lowest division).

I think Division 6 worked quite well, as it is run on a Swiss basis, so Crowthorne 2 was always playing opponents on the same number of points. However some of our matches were still quite tough. We finished 58th out of 68 teams on 4 points (1W, 2D, 4L). All of our regular 2nd team players won at least 1 game. Thanks also to Csilla who stepped in at short notice when Seyon was ill.

Our 1st team had a bumpier ride. Division 5 is split into 4 groups of 8 teams, run on an all-play-all basis. We won our group, but only had 2 opponent teams who gave us a good fight. The other 5 teams were somewhat weaker than us.
We got through to the semi-final, but then encountered a stronger team, who beat us on Tuesday (1st December).

I believe that placed us 4th out of 32 teams (TBC as the 4NCL tie break rules are a bit beyond me). We have been promoted to Division 4.

The response to my request for players was good each time (thanks – makes the captain’s job easier), so I was able to spread the games around quite fairly with each of us playing 4, 5 or 6 games.

Crowthorne Online 4NCL Results Round 5

Here are the results from Round 5 of the Online 4NCL competition, played yesterday (October 20th).
Crowthorne 1 beat the 2nd strongest team in the division, so we remain clearly in 1st place in Division 5.
Crowthorne 2 had a harder time of it, and lost their match 0.5 – 3.5

Full results and tables can be found on the 4NCL web site

Crowthorne Online 4NCL Results Round 3

Crowthorne 1 again won their match 4-0 in the 3rd round of the 4NCL Online League. Our next match in 2 weeks’ time is against Bude Surfers, who had John Nunn on board 1 this week!

Crowthorne 2 managed their first draw this time:

Crowthorne 2 4NCL Round 3 Match Card

Full results for the current online season (Season 2) can be found on the 4NCL website. Crowthorne 1 & 2 play in divisions 5 and 6 respectively.

Crowthorne Online 4NCL Results

The 2nd round of the 4NCL On-line tournament took place this week. 

Once again the Crowthorne 1 team won 4-0. We lead our section. Our key match will be against the other strong team in our section (Farnham A) on October 20th. It is probable that the winner of that match will go through to the play offs for promotion. 

Crowthorne 2 did better than in round 1 but still lost. We perhaps had higher expectations before the match based on the 4NCL gradings, but we subsequently understood that our opponents were a team of Scottish juniors with very few ECF graded games to their names. Their lichess grades were somewhat higher. In round 3 we’ll be paired against a team with 2 losses!