Mayhem in the Colle

The recent match between Crowthorne’s all-junior C team and Godalming D saw a fascinating struggle between James Love (Crowthorne) and David Archer. Playing the White pieces, David played a speculative Greek Gift piece sacrifice which gave him lasting compensation in the form of Black’s exposed king, and which also produced a tremendously complicated position for both sides.

James defended the position actively, and his extra material prevailed after several adventures:

Crowthorne 4NCL Team Update

This season, Crowthorne entered a team in the 4NCL (4 Nations Chess League), our first entry into this competition.

With weekend three has just finished, we are just over halfway through the season. Crowthorne is vying for promotion and we are currently well-placed with 10 match points, just one point behind the leaders Oxford 3 and CSC 2. The 4NCL gives an excellent opportunity for juniors to play “serious” chess, and James Love and/or Andrew Kirby have played every weekend when available. Our star performer to date is Peter Tart, with a remarkable 5.5/6!

Here is the Division 4 South table after Weekend Three – just click the match in the crosstable to see the individual results.