Club Nights
Wednesday at Wellington College for matches and junior club
7.30pm onwards (Junior Club from 6.30pm)

Thursday at the Pinewood Centre for casual chess
8:00pm or 8:15pm (third Thursday of the month) onwards

Monro Pavilion
Wellington College
Duke’s Ride
RG45 7PU

Use the main entrance through the gates into Byron Drive from Duke’s Ride (Wellington College is signposted). We have had reports that Sat Navs sometimes attempt to use other entrances, but usually only the Duke’s Ride one is open in the evening.
There is now a security barrier in operation just inside the gates. If attended, just let the security officer know that you are playing at the chess club, and you will be let through.

Detailed Directions
The map below shows where where Monro is, and how to get there:

Map showing the Monro Pavilion

Click to enlarge

Use the rear sports club car park (please do not use any other, unless this car park is full – see below).The car park is shown on the map above in the small red circle. To get there drive past the security gate and take the first right, ignoring the no entry sign (which has an exemption for access to the sports club car park). However, do NOT drive past the no entry signs beyond this car park.
If (and only if) that car park is full, you should drive out of Wellington and round to Smith’s Path, park there, then walk to the right of the sports club, past the pool, and across to Monro.

The Monro Pavilion is the next building beyond the sports club, and has wood cladding. We meet upstairs, and there is a lift for those who need it. The Pavilion is pictured below, with the entrance shown in the centre (as seen between the trees):

The Monro Pavilion

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There is no facility within Monro for drinks, even water, but we have been given permission to use the sports club café/bar, which you will have passed when walking from the car park. Entrance involves walking past the sports club reception; if asked explain you’re from the chess club and going to the café. Open until a bit after 11pm.

Annual subscription is:
Adult £25
Junior £20
Family £25

Teams 2023/24 Season (Berkshire and Surrey Border Leagues, 4NCL)
Berkshire League:

Division 1 (A Team)
Division 2 (B Team)
Division 3 (C Team)
Premier Precision Cup

Surrey Border:
Division 1 (A Team)
Division 4 (B Team)
Division 5 (C Team)
Rapidplay Division 1
Rapidplay Division 2
Haslemere Trophy (Knockout)

Starting in the 2017/2018 season, Crowthorne Chess Club has participated in the 4NCL (4 Nations Chess League, the national team tournament), usually with two teams.
In the 2023/24 season our A team is playing in Division Three Knights, and the B team in Division 4.

General Info
Crowthorne is a village in Berkshire, adjacent to Wokingham, Sandhurst and Finchampstead.