Interesting game in the Border League

On Wednesday’s (29 Jan) match against Guildford A, Ken Coates played an attacking game against Alan Punnett – who responded with a strong counterattack that produced tremendous complications for both players to solve. The game follows, and it is fun to play through and try to work out the variations:

This win helped Crowthorne to a welcome first match victory in Division 1 this season.

4NCL Second Weekend Review

Rounds 3 and 4 of the 4 Nations Chess League took place over the weekend (11-12 Jan) and once again Crowthorne Chess Club was in action.

The first team, playing in Division 3, drew a tight match on Saturday, and won on Sunday, leaving themselves in clear first place after four rounds (still a long way to go).

The second team (Division 4) won on Saturday but lost to a strong CSC team on Sunday, leaving them exactly mid-table – 17th out of 34 teams.

We hope to make a more detailed report in a later post.

Click here for 4NCL Tables

Derek had a good weekend, winning both games in short order. Here is his Sunday game, where he had the Black pieces: