Crowthorne online – this week’s meeting

As usual, we will be meeting online this week (Wednesday 27th), please see Jonathan’s email for details.

The format will be similar to last week’s, where everyone is invited to bring an interesting game or position to show. Jonathan has promised to show “amazing game to show which should provoke some interesting comments and analysis”.

From the Crowthorne Vaults – Part 11

Here is a variation from a game of game of Mark’s played in 2012. There are two or three moves with which Mark, playing with the black pieces, would keep the advantage, but there is one which clearly wins.

Can you find it? Black to play and win.

And the winner is …

Congratulations to Harvey Duckers for winning the second Crowthorne online blitz tournament, held yesterday on

This was another 5-minute “Arena” tournament, although this time not themed by opening. More doubtless to follow, as playing over-the-board chess still looks to be some way off in the future.

From the Crowthorne Vaults – Part 10

This is a Border League game by Derek Johnson from 2018. It’s a powerful attacking game against a promising junior, Alex Golding, whose ECF grade was 213 at the time.

Thanks to Mark Taylor for providing the annotations.

Meeting online Wednesday night – mini-tournament

This Wednesday (May 13th at 8pm) we plan to have a mini tournament, just a plain tournament this time with no fixed opening, and we will try using this time. It will be possible to play in the tournament simply by being logged on in – and being a member of the Crowthorne Chess Club group – but it helps with the organisation if you are on the zoom call. Plus you’ll get to hear all the exasperated cries as people blunder away queens.

Hope to see you on Wednesday.

Please see Jonathan’s email for the zoom meeting details.

From the Crowthorne Vaults – Part 9

This position is from a game of Mark’s played in the Berkshire League against a (young) James Adair of Reading Chess Club.

White to play and win:

And the winner is …

Congratulations to Peter Tart for winning Crowthorne Chess Club’s first online tournament.

It was a 5-minute event in the “Arena” format hosted on lichess, with the first few opening moves being predetermined (1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Bb4 4.e3 0-0 5.Bd3).

As the lockdown continues, we expect to have similar events from time to time.