Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge at Crowthorne Chess Club

Over recent weeks a Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge tournament has been run at Crowthorne Chess Club. This is a seven round Swiss with each game scoring 3 points for a win, 2 for a draw and 1 for a loss. Some players entered when the tournament was already in progress, so not all players played the full seven games.

Many thanks to John Upham for organising and running the tournament …. and well done to everyone who took part in it!

The final rankings are shown in the table below.

NameGames PlayeDPoints TotalPosition
Dylan de Silva7211
Sean Lam7202
David Purle7183
Nulan Aluthwaththa7174=
David Ellington717
Vladimir Shkuropat6166
Hugo Goodman7157
Jake Wang7148
Raj Anrudh7139=
Ethan Smyth713
Liza Myna713
Maxwell Dhaliwali713
Alex Cross61213
Euan Brown71114=
Oliver Voukas711
Finlay Perry71016=
Vincent Xiao61017
Zean Xiao7918
Lithumi Aluthwaththa5819=
Ben Gallagher48
Aditya Chava48
Vickie Lin3722
Nathan Leung3523=
Luca Holmes45

As can be seen, it was won by Dylan de Silva in sole first place with an impressive 100% score. Well done Dylan!

Dylan receiving his trophy from the Club President, Colin Purdon
John Upham reading out the final scores