Derek Johnson wins the Khyber Cup!

Our friendly summer mini-tournament, the Khyber Cup was held last Sunday, and for the first time we held it in the spacious function room of the Pinewood Centre Bar & Café. This worked out well for us, we didn’t have to travel anywhere for lunch as hot food was available on site, allowing us to make up for a later start than usual. They even had a set of bridge tables we could use to play on. The only downside was an interruption at one point, caused by repeated banging on the door to the room. This turned out to be a gleeful toddler happily crashing his ride-on fire engine into the door, and was soon resolved by an apologetic parent.

We had a perfectly decent turn-out, particularly given it was bank holiday weekend, and apologies again to those who would have attended but couldn’t due to the choice of weekend.

In play, gold, silver and bronze went to Derek, Colin and Harvey respectively. Congratulations to them, particularly Derek who has shared top place before but this year did so as clear winner and is rewarded by being able to take home the prestigious trophy and accompanying shield.

Thanks to Tahir, Mat, Varniethan and Nick, playing in their first Khyber Cup. Thanks also to Ian, who came along to balance numbers in the morning, and to Jess, who originally came to support Mat and sportingly stepped up to replace Ian after lunch. In recognition of her valuable contribution the bottle of wine was awarded to Jess, who generously passed it on to Nick in recognition of his performance.

… and many thanks to Jonathan both for organising the event, and for the above report.

Derek and Jess with their respective trophies