A new league season is starting

The league and club AGMs have finished, and Wellington College is again available after the summer break. What does this mean for Crowthorne Chess Club? In many ways, it’s business as normal, although we have increased the number of teams we are entering in the Border and Berkshire Leagues.

We will continue to meet for social chess on Thursdays at Pinewood as usual.

Crowthorne Junior chess resumes meeting on Wednesdays from 6:30 at the Monro Pavilion.

Team Entries
We have entered a variety of teams in the Border and Berkshire leagues. These are:

Surrey Border League
• Crowthorne A, B, C :- standard play divisions 1, 4, 5
• Crowthorne RA, RB :- rapid play divisions 1 & 2
• Crowthorne HA :- Haslemere Cup
All 5 board teams.

Berkshire League
• Crowthorne A, B, C :- divisions 1, 2, 3. (5-board teams)
• Crowthorne PPCA :- Premier Precision Cup (PPC) (6-board team)

We will also have two teams in the 4-Nations Chess League (4NCL) and in the 4NCL online competition.

Club Championship
Following last year’s success, Robert is kindly organising the Club Championship again this year. You can follow progress of this tournament throughout the year on the Club Championship page, and on the ECF LMS page.