Khyber Cup – as it happened

This year’s Khyber Cup, held on Saturday, had all the elements needed for a perfect Khyber Cup event.

We were hosted by Harriet who kindly opened up her house to the throng of players, and the play took place to the luxurious backdrop of the spacious and glorious garden which she shares with her neighbours.

Even the variable English summer weather played its part, with clear blue skies changing to dark heavy clouds, teasing us with the lightest sprinkling of rain, only to revert back to bright and hot sunshine, and this repeated throughout the day. But we remained well protected from both light showers and bright sun by Bob’s huge dome of a marquee.

A bumper crop of competitors took part (20), including 3 guest players from Godalming chess club. The play was as hard fought and competitive as ever, with lower graded players taking on the stronger ones and, even though not often taking points from them, at least giving them competitive and challenging games.

But ultimately it was the stronger players who came out on top. Uniquely in Khyber Cup history, we had a four-way tie for first place, with four very strong club stalwarts all scoring 4/5 and only losing to, or drawing with, other top club players. These four winners were: Derek, Harvey, Ken and Richard. Congratulations to all of them. Four names to squeeze on to the trophy, three of whom have won many times before (three years in a row for Derek), with Harvey the new name on the shield.

At the other end of the results table Tom, one of the visiting players, took home the bottle of Kingpin wine.

Thanks to all who played and made this year’s Khyber Cup so memorable, and thank you Harriet for your generous offer to host the event …

… and many thanks to Jonathan, our club secretary, for organising the event.